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Campus Chronicles 

Role: Social Media Strategist 


Overview: Campus Chronicles is a student project that created a social community on TikTok for the students at Texas State University. As the social media strategist, I used social listening practices, audience analysis, and content analysis to provide recomendations for our social media strategy. I also edited a few of our videos and uploaded all of our content with a caption.


Target Audience: Texas State students


Context/Problem: TikTok is very popular with one of the stongest algorithims to reach an audience. After doing research on the student content posted on the app, I noticed that the most popular content only revealed their party/social lives.










This continues to stigmatize Texas State as a party school, when in reality, the campus has so much more to offer. I had the idea to create a TikTok page with content showing what life is like on campus, ultimately giving Texas State students a space to connect and relate to each other.

Goal: Reach our audience and grow a following to create a social community for Texas State students.

Research: I searched for student content using the Texas State location and the #txst tag on TikTok. I wanted to know what our audience looked like, the type of content they engaged with the most, and what they were expressing about Texas State.

Here are my key findings:


Audience Analysis









  • Age range: Gen Z

  • Gender: Girls are more active

  • Class rank: Freshmen are the most active in their everyday lives. Seniors are active when giving advice and talking about graduation.


Content Analysis










  • Popular Categories: Montage videos, Dance challenges, Campus tours, Day in the life/Vlogs

  • Engaging topics: Party life, Greek life, New student orientation, Graduation tradition, Tailgating, Making friends, Campus scenery

  • Video duration: Under a minute

  • Popular hashtags: #txst #sanmarcos #college #studentlife #collegecampus

  • Using trending or fun sounds directly from TikTok brings more views.

  • TikTok users as a whole prefer fast paced videos with constant movement on the screen.


Social Listening











Everybody thinks the Texas State graduation tradition is super cool. The freshmen want to know how to find the parties. The New Student Orientation is known for being fun. Students complain about all of the stairs and hills on campus, but overall they love the beautiful scenery.


  • Our first post should show party/social aspects of student life to attract our audience since that is a popular topic.

  • Videos should be fast paced to keep the attention of our audience since that is what's prefered.

  • On our page, we should have a few montage videos with original TikTok sounds since that is a popular video format.

  • We should offer college advice since there's not much content like that about Texas State.

  • Our main content should feature more educational aspects of campus life at Texas State to reveal more than just a party life.

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